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“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is the work of childhood.”  — Fred Rogers

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Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Kindergarten / Pre-School

This is Anette Holly’s first book and is the factual story of Rosie Attard one of the patients she has helped rehabilitate after an accident. Activities for this book include a find-a-word, cross-word, maze, make a numberplate, decorate a wheelchair and spot the difference activity.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Grade 3

Shortlisted for the CBCA 2020 Eve Pownall Award this is an educational book about a day on the Yarra River. Activities include decorating an eagle, matching Woirurrung to English words, a find-a-word, handwriting and drawing pictures for Woirurrung words with their English translation.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Grade 3

Trouble in the Surf is a 2020 Notable Eve Pownall book about 2 boys and the beginning of SurfLife Saving Australia. Activities for this book include understanding surf terms, a maze, a find-a-word, differences between the past and now and a surf safety poster.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Kindergarten / Pre-School

Bertie is just like a lot of other young boys who learn by copying but he is copying the wrong things. Activities include a maze, hand washing flow chart, blow your nose poster, rhyming words, match words to their shape, information on bugs and interactive memory card and maze games.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Grade 3

A CBCA 2020 Notable Picture Book of the Year Liarbird is a humorous story about the need to tell the truth – most of the time. Activities include how to draw a lyre bird, a code breaker, an honesty is the best policy poster, a fable story as a story starter and a colour by number.

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 Making Math Fun

It's simple. If you make learning fun, children will learn and retain more of your lessons. Games make learning fun. Physical activity makes learning fun AND when students are having fun - teaching is fun!

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