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“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is the work of childhood.”  — Fred Rogers

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Interactive Memory Card Game For 

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Cooee Mittigar – A story on Darung Songlines by Jasmine Seymour and Leanne Mulgo Watson

Shortlisted for the CBCA Book Week 2020 Award for New Illustrator this is an educational book about the Darug language and way of life. Activities for this book include decorating a lizard with dot painting, matching, writing and drawing Darug words, a find-a-word and an interactive memory card game.


Cat and Dog by Jonathan Bentley

Book Cat and Dog by Jonathan BentleyA Notable CBCA 2020 Book of the Year for Early Childhood this is a

Beauty by Sandra Kendell

A 2020 CBCA Notable book this is a scientific story of the Beauty Leaf Tree and all the amazing animals it homes. Activities for this book include symbiosis, photosynthesis, drawing the animals who live in the tree, a comprehension, a find-a-word and drawing and labelling your family.


Tilly by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker

Shortlisted to be the CBCA 2020 Picture Book of the Year – Tilly is a masterfully created story of how life can change so quickly for young children. Activities for this book include a maze, writing a letter, a find-a-word, alphabetical ordering and imagining treasures.


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 Making Math Fun

It's simple. If you make learning fun, children will learn and retain more of your lessons. Games make learning fun. Physical activity makes learning fun AND when students are having fun - teaching is fun!

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