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Our Math 'N' Movement activities get More Students, More Active, More Often. Bloomsmath challenges students to apply the Math they are learning in unique ways to ensure a deeper understanding of each concept. 

There are also novel and short story activities which are cross KLA to allow students to engage fully with best selling stories from around the world. 

Finally, the website is full of games, worksheets, cooking activities and science experiments are designed to provide fun, interesting ways to make teaching relevant to the real world of the youth of today.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”  — Fred Rogers

This is a great site.  There are so many resources on here that I can use with my students and I especially love the Maths 'N' Movement resources. 

Mary Bligh - Teacher

I love the posters.  They are so bright and inspirational for my students, Thanks Learn From Play.

Mark Walker - Teacher

I am so pleased that Rachel gave me access to this site to be able to use with       my kids.

Karen Moffett - Home Schooler

Quickly find amazing teaching resources. 

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Meerkat Splash

This 2020 Notable Early Childhood Book is a fun rhyming bath time story about meerkats of all colours of the rainbow. Filled with movement and activity it teaches young readers about colours and how much fun it can be to get clean. The activities for this are aimed at younger children and focus of colour identification and matching including a snap or memory game, simple word creation and identification and craft in the form of making a paper boat.



Three is a CBCA Notable Book for Picture Book of the Year for 2020. People have 2 of them, a spider has 8 of them and a chair has 4 of them but Three is a dog who only has 3 of them. This is the beautiful story of how Three finds his perfect 2 and the young 2 who likes pancakes and ice cream finds her perfect dog. Activities for this story include a maze, handwriting for young children, number matching, word shape matching, simple graphing and identifying favourite things.


Don’t Touch My Hair

With the current need to teach young children about social distancing this is a clever way to introduce the concept of personal space and the need to ask permission before touching what belongs to someone else. With the metaphor of hair as the central theme the activities for this book include the art of making plaits, the concept that everybody is different and the idea of personal space.


Gaming Math Activities

Gaming questions that don’t need a device. These math questions are based on real world examples from the game Fortnite so boys and girls can enjoy math. With time, money, point and percentage questions these activities will help children visualise the problems they are being asked to solve so they can focus on the equations and understand them.


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 Making Math Fun

It's simple. If you make learning fun, children will learn and retain more of your lessons. Games make learning fun. Physical activity makes learning fun AND when students are having fun - teaching is fun!

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