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The activities here are for teachers, early educators, librarians and home schoolers who want to make learning FUN and teaching EASY.


The Math 'N' Movement activities get More Students, More Active, More Often while Bloomsmath challenges students to apply the Math they are learning in unique ways to ensure a deeper understanding of each concept. 

The novel and short story activities are cross KLA to allow students to engage fully with each story. The remainder of the games, worksheets, cooking activities and science experiments are designed to provide fun, interesting ways to make teaching relevant to the real world of the youth of today.

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Explore some of our latest activities with Maths, Games, Gardening, Cooking and More.

Featured Book

A story about feeling Important when surrounded by distractive technology.

This is the story of a young girl, Katie and Hairy Thought-Buster – a Superhero for young minds who busts negative thoughts before they become negative beliefs.

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Students love it!

It is easy for me to tell you how amazing Math 'N' Movement is but why would you trust me? - I created it! 

You might trust these students though.  See how much fun they had when I went and led some Math 'N' Movement classes in Tasmania just off the southern tip of mainland Australia.

This is a great site.  There are so many resources on here that I can use with my students and I especially love the Maths 'N' Movement resources. 

Mary Bligh - Teacher

I love the posters.  They are so bright and inspirational for my students. Thanks Rachel. 

Mark Walker - Teacher

I am so pleased that Rachel gave me access to this site to be able to use with       my kids.

Karen Moffett - Home Schooler