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The overarching mission for Learn From Play is to make teaching enjoyable and learning fun.

This site is an amalgamation of a number of other teaching resource sites. It combines Math ‘N’ Movement and Bloomsmath to offer a holistic approach to Math education that is enriching and also physical.  It also provides teachers and teacher librarians with a one stop site for all their literacy needs for teaching students about the latest short stories and novels for young readers.  

You will also find inspirational and educational posters, games, challenges and some entire units of work to help you in your classroom.


  • To make teaching easy and learning fun!
  • To allow every student to learn at the optimum level.
  • To create a site for teachers and teacher librarian’s that has unique book resources that are fun for students and easy for teachers.

About The Learn From Play Team

Rachel McCann

Learn From Play Founder & Educational resource Creator

B.Teach, B.Ed (Hons), M.Ed (Special Ed)

Rachel lives in NSW Australia and has been teaching for over 20 years. She has spent many years in special education and as a teacher librarian in Australia and the UK. From this she knows the challenges of engaging a wide range of students and their individual needs. Her dream has always been to create resources full time and connect with fellow educators around the world who are similarly passionate about education.

Paddy McCann

Learn From Play Co-Founder & Teachers Film School Instructor

Paddy is a co-founder of Learn From Play and the genius behind any of the videos on the site. He is employed full time as an Educational Officer and has taught thousands of students over his 20 year educational career. He is the mastermind behind Teacher's Film School and provides all the tech reviews for Learn From Play. If that wasn't enough he is also the author of the book Toby and The Misunderstood Crocodile which is due to be released in late September 2020 and wrote the soon to be released How To Choose A Brilliant Career to help slightly older children and adults find their passion in life.

Shane Hill

Learn from play blog contributor

Shane has worked in the field of education for over 20 years. He has worked with more than 18,000 students, teachers and parents in hundreds of schools across the U.K. As part of his seminars he has written innovative games and activities based on the topics of vision, motivation and success psychology. He has also created a program for Prefects about leadership and communication. Shane is a multi-instrumentalist and a didgeridoo teacher, an accomplished writer, a gnome painter, a spoken word performance artist and the author of a series of books for children called the Stubborn Farmer which we will hopefully have here for you at Learn From Play in the not too distant future.

Kit dela Cruz

Learn From Play Resource Designer

Kit is the creative talent behind most of the worksheets on Learn From Play.  He turns Rachel's educational ramblings and rough sketches into works of art you are happy to share wth your students. Kit is also the brains behind the interactive worksheets as he sets those up to save you paper in your classroom.

Kwen Cansancio

Learn from Play Illustrator

Kwen is the super talented artist who illustrates the posters on Learn From Play.  She illustrates our books such as Frugal Fred and Toby and the Misunderstood Crocodile and makes great sets of worksheets like the CBCA activities. Let us know if there are any quotes you would like her to turn into posters for you.

Jovaniel Liwanen & Jomar Sevillejo

Learn from Play Website Programmers

Jov and Jomar are the amazingly talented programmers who make sure Learn From Play is working so you can access all the great resources.  They keep the site updated and code all the tricky things behind the scenes such as the Subscription engine of the site, the resource carousel and the Film School.

Joshua Salomon

Learn From Play website Designer

Josh is responsible for the look and feel of the Learn From Play website.  He makes all the headers, footers, background images etc to make the site a fun place to visit and make it easy to find what you are looking for.  He has made some of the worksheets and posters too as he is multi-talented. 

what kids say

Don’t take it from me - let these students tell how much they enjoy Math ‘N’ Movement.

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