The overarching mission for Learn From Play is to make teaching enjoyable and learning fun.

This site is an amalgamation of a number of other teaching resource sites. It combines Math ‘N’ Movement and Bloomsmath to offer a holistic approach to Math education that is enriching and also physical.  It also provides teachers and teacher librarians with a one stop site for all their literacy needs for teaching students about the latest short stories and novels for young readers.  

You will also find inspirational and educational posters, games, challenges and some entire units of work to help you in your classroom.


  • To make teaching easy and learning fun
  • To allow every student to learn at the optimum level.
  • To create a site for teachers and teacher librarian’s that has unique book resources that are fun for students and easy for teachers.

About The Author

Rachel lives in NSW Australia and has been teaching for over 20 years.  In that time she has created a wealth of teaching resources and has taught at all levels from pre-school to pre-uni and brings that knowledge to these resources.

Rachel McCann – B.Teach, B.Ed (Hons), M.Ed (Special Ed)

what kids say

Don’t take it from me - let these students tell how much they enjoy Math ‘N’ Movement.

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