August 24, 2021

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Australia Reads 2021 - Tuesday 14 September

The newsletter this fortnight is dedicated to Australia Reads 2021. Celebrated across Australia, on Tuesday 14 September 2021, this is designed to get more Australians reading more books, more often.

In this newsletter you will find:

  • A blog about the Australia Reads initiative, what it is, who is behind it and how you can get involved. Click here to read this.
  • 4 sets of resources - one for each Australia Read special edition text; and
  • A poster to support Australia Reads book Little Book - Big Universe.

Featured Book Resources
AFL Little Legends

The Little Legends follows the Fresca Bay Falcons and a visit to mighty MCG where their trophy will be displayed.

We have created 6 footy and MCG activities - a fun activity to find who kicked the winning goal, a brief history of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), instructions on how to make your own AFL Championship trophy, a MCG map comprehension, step by step instructions for how to draw a shaggy dog and a research activity to discover some of Australia’s sporting legends.

There is a video showing each of these activities and how you could utilise these with the students in your classroom.

The Magnificent Hercules Quick

Hercules Quick is about a boy who does a series of odd jobs for his eccentric neighbours as he is saving up to buy a box of magic tricks.

We have created 6 activities for this book - the rules for how to play tiddlywinks, a maths activity to see how much pocket money Hercules has saved, a life cycle of a tadpole cut and paste activity, a spot the difference, a Venn diagram showing the similarities and differences between a squid and an octopus and an animal word matching activity.

There is a short video showing each of these activities and the games you will find on the Learn From Play website.

Little Book - Big Universe

A non-fiction text about space and exploring Australia's night skies.

We have designed 6 Space themed activities - a cut and paste moon phases activity, a drawing of the Aurora Australis, plotting the Orion Constellation, a colour by number, a code breaking and a planetary crossword based on the book.

The Deep End

A young adult romance novel this is a light easy to read book perfect for any student who have attended a school swimming carnival.

We have created 3 activities for this book - a recipe for Fried Rice, a match the swimmer to their preferred swimming style and a fun find-a-word of swimming terms.

Inspirational Poster

Whether it was Norman Vincent Peale or Les Brown that said it - this quote is a great one to have up in your classroom. With beautiful imagery from our designer Kwen this poster will inspire your students to aim high because even if they don't reach their goal they have everything on the way down to choose from.

As always if you have any questions, feedback or content suggestions for areas of the curriculum that you would like to see gamified send me an email. In the mean time, please help us grow our Learn From Play teaching community by sharing the site with your colleagues so everyone can benefit.

Rachel McCann

We love to hear from parents, teachers, librarians, authors, fellow content creators, designers and anyone else who has something positive or constructive to tell us about our site and our resources; Contact us.

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