October 26, 2021

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This newsletter is part of our fortnightly series on Fine Motor Skills and contains:

Winner of the 2021 American Caldecott award for the "most distinguished American picture book for children", We Are Water Protectors issues an urgent rallying cry to safeguard the Earth’s water from harm and corruption.

The activities we have made for this book are designed to be used with students from Years 3 to 6 and look at what an Oil Pipeline is and what it does, why water needs to be protected, a poster pledging to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

There is a fifth activity looking at how much water students consume and a task to create a relief artwork similar to those that Michaela Goade made for the book.

P.S. Make sure you watch the video for this as there is a special offer at the end.

This is the second article I have written on fine motor skills. The first was practicing small movements and can be read here.

This article is all about handwriting, the need for good posture and pencil grip. There is also a rational for teaching young children the lower case letters rather than upper case as these are far more common and easier to form to young hands. Read the article here.

A fun way to practice fine motor skills is through art and craft and we have it for you.

In our space box you will find all the materials and instructions needed to make 6 art  based space projects, activity sheets to practice sorting, colour identification, number recognition, problem solving, counting and following directions.

There are also handwriting sheets with correct pencil grip shown to learn lower case letters and sounds.

A new poster and virtual background to brighten your classroom this quote is from international motivational speaker Dr. Wolfgang Riebe. A great message to tie into our resources on pencil grip and writing which lets students know that it is OK to make mistakes as it is from our mistakes that we learn.

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Rachel McCann (founder)
B. Teach; B. Ed (Hons); M. Ed (Special Ed.)

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