This unit of work can be used as a whole or take the parts you want and tailor it for your class.

Grade 1 ,Kindergarten / Pre-School ,

This 2020 Notable Early Childhood Book is a fun rhyming bath time story about meerkats of all colours of the rainbow. Filled with movement and activity it teaches young readers about colours and how much fun it can be to get clean. The activities for this are aimed at younger children and focus of colour identification and matching including a snap or memory game, simple word creation and identification and craft in the form of making a paper boat.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Kindergarten / Pre-School

Three is a CBCA Notable Book for Picture Book of the Year for 2020. People have 2 of them, a spider has 8 of them and a chair has 4 of them but Three is a dog who only has 3 of them. This is the beautiful story of how Three finds his perfect 2 and the young 2 who likes pancakes and ice cream finds her perfect dog. Activities for this story include a maze, handwriting for young children, number matching, word shape matching, simple graphing and identifying favourite things.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Kindergarten / Pre-School

With the current need to teach young children about social distancing this is a clever way to introduce the concept of personal space and the need to ask permission before touching what belongs to someone else. With the metaphor of hair as the central theme the activities for this book include the art of making plaits, the concept that everybody is different and the idea of personal space.

Grade 5 ,Grade 6 ,Grade 7

Gaming questions that don’t need a device. These math questions are based on real world examples from the game Fortnite so boys and girls can enjoy math. With time, money, point and percentage questions these activities will help children visualise the problems they are being asked to solve so they can focus on the equations and understand them.

Grade 4 ,Grade 5 ,Grade 6

An empowering story to encourage children to save the orangutans. Activities for this book ask children to write a letter to companies who still use non-orangutan friendly palm oil to reconsider their actions, there is an how to draw orangutans activity, rhyming words, geography comprehension about orangutans and a save the orangutans poster.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Kindergarten / Pre-School

This 2020 CBCA Noteable book is about opposites and is a unique approach to storytelling that will captivate readers both young and old. Teaching printable worksheets for this book include matching and drawing opposites, rhyming words optical illusions and tessellating patterns.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Grade 3

This 2020 CBCA Noteable is a story about sharing and cooperating rather than bullying and taking over. Teaching printables for this book include making a “Say No To Bullies” poster, a match words to their shape graphology activity, Venn diagram information sorting, rhyming words, how to draw a possum and enlarging a picture using a grid as guidance.

Grade 3 ,Grade 4 ,Grade 5

This 2019 Caldecott Winning and 2020 CBCA Noteable book is beautifully illustrated and follows the life of a Light House Keeper through his loneliness, joy, love and eventual forced retirement. Printable activities include a spot the difference, comprehension, time sheet, research and drawing activity.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Grade 3

Charlie’s Shell is all about being happy with who you are and standing up to bullies. There are printables on anti-bullying poetry, literacy activities, art and craft snail making, puzzle and game resources.