August 9, 2021

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CBCA Book Week Lead Up Special Edition

The newsletter this fortnight is a little bit different as it is dedicated solely to the last 4 of our sets of CBCA book resources. We wanted you to have these in plenty of time for Book Week from August 21-27. Scheduled to still proceed regardless of lockdowns we thought these might make it a little easier to plan your book related lessons and activities. 

In this newsletter you will find:

  • A CBCA related blog you may have seen before.
  • 4 sets of CBCA book resources
  • A sneak peak at next fortnight's newsletter dedicated to Australia Reads.
Get your students excited about Book Week

I did not write a new article for this newsletter as I was so busy trying to get these last 4 resources finalised but here is a great idea for getting your students excited about Book Week.

Featured Book Resources
How To Make A Bird

Shortlisted to be the CBCA 2021 Picture Book of the Year this is prose poetry about a girl who literally constructs a bird.

Our activities are aimed at Year 5 and 6 students and include a perspective activity, drawing a bird and a feather, a poetry activity, a bird flip book and a chronological ordering activity.

There is a video showing each of these activities and how you could utilise these with the students in your classroom.

Anemone is Not Your Enemy

Shortlisted to be the 2021 CBCA Early Childhood Book of the Year this is about symbiosis, clownfish and anemones.

We have made 6 Pre-School or Kindergarten activities for this book - a memory game, a tracing activity, a colour by number, how to draw a clown fish, making a pom pom anemone and a food chain in the sea.

There is a short video showing each of these activities and the games you will find on the Learn From Play website.

Dry To Dry

Shortlisted to win the 2021 CBCA Eve Pownall Award, this non-fiction picture book details the seasons of Kakadu.

We have made 6 activities for students in Years 2 to 6 both informational and creative - mapping the Indigenous seasons, learning about the Leichhardt’s Grasshopper, the life cycle of frogs, graphing the rainfall of Kakadu, a comparison between fresh and saltwater crocodiles and a craft activity to make a water lily.

There is a short video showing each of these activities and the games you will find on the Learn From Play website.

Good Question

A CBCA notable Picture Book for 2021 this story uses intertextuality to follow Fox’s journey through a series of Fairytales.

Perfect for children in Years 1 or 2 who are studying fairy tales and fractured rhymes. We have made 6 activities for this book. Craft activities related to Jack and the Beanstalk, Three Little Pigs, Henny Penny and Cinderella, a Goldilocks colour by number and a board game for children to design their own game.

There is a short video showing each of these activities and the games you will find on the Learn From Play website.

Sneak Peak

Next fortnight's newsletter will be all about Australia Reads and the 4 sets of book activities that we have made for this exciting initiative.

Australia Reads is a unique Australian book industry collaboration to champion reading, promote the many mental health and lifestyle benefits of reading books, and encouraging book reading by all Australians – no matter the format they read.

Learn From Play are the exclusive providers of resources for these books and they will be released in 2 weeks - so make sure to check your inbox Monday, August 23rd, for those new and exciting book resources.

As always if you have any questions, feedback or content suggestions for areas of the curriculum that you would like to see gamified send me an email. In the mean time, please help us grow our Learn From Play teaching community by sharing the site with your colleagues so everyone can benefit.

Rachel McCann

We love to hear from parents, teachers, librarians, authors, fellow content creators, designers and anyone else who has something positive or constructive to tell us about our site and our resources; Contact us.

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