November 24, 2021

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Fine Motor Skills Development, Book Resources and a New Poster

This newsletter is all about Butterflies and Bees with:

This article is the fourth in this term’s series on Fine Motor Skills. It explores the art of bead threading and the myriad of benefits children gain from this activity including the development of finger dexterity and pincher grip.

Did you know that at Learn From Play we have developed a series of fine motor skills craft boxes? Our Butterflies and Bees box contains everything you need to make a a number of butterfly and bee inspired craft projects. It also includes the butterfly bracelet shown to improve hand-eye coordination and threading skills.

This fortnight's resource are from the world renowned author Eric Carle. Following the well know journey of a young caterpillar who spends a week eating lots of food to develop into a beautiful butterfly. 

A wonderful way to each children counting and days of the week it is also a wonderful way to each difference between  sometimes and always foods. 

This poster is a quote from the Buckminster Fuller. An American engineer and Architect  famous for utilising the geodesic dome in his building designs. He believe this to be the only practical  kind of building able to set directly on the ground as a complete structure with no limiting dimensions.

This quote ties in beautifully to this newsletter on butterflies and bees and can inspire your students to spread their wings  and become the butterflies in the future. 

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Rachel McCann (founder)
B. Teach; B. Ed (Hons); M. Ed (Special Ed.)

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Fine Motor Skills Development, Book Resources and a New Poster

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