November 23, 2021

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Games To Develop Fine Motor Skills, On The Farm Activities and A New Poster.

With the explosion of online games and gaming consoles the humble pack of cards is often overlooked as a toy for children.  A pack of cards can be acquired for free, requires no electricity, is super easy to transport and can be played almost anywhere there is a scrap of flat surface. Card games are the prefect tool for teaching children hundreds of skills and lessons and I am going to show you some of these in this article. 

This newsletter is about 3 simple things:

This article is the third in this term’s series on Fine Motor Skills. It is a deep dive into developing finger strength and finger isolation and provides examples of how this can be achieved using games because children love to learn from play.

Did you know that at Learn From Play we have developed a series of fine motors skills craft boxes? Our On The Farm box contains everything you need to make a pink pig face mask, a chicken bookmark, a cow finger puppet and a black and white doily sheep. There are cards to play a farm animal memory game and a paddleball game to improve hand-eye coordination skills.

This fortnight's poster is a quote from John Wooden. An American basketball player and then coach who won ten national college level basketball championships including a record seven in a row.

Living to 100 years of age he was inspiration to his team and offered these word of wisdom which you can inspire your students. 

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Rachel McCann (founder)
B. Teach; B. Ed (Hons); M. Ed (Special Ed.)

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