October 30, 2020

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Life Education & Learn From Play Working Together! 

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we had a big announcement coming and no one is bigger than Healthy Harold and Life Education when it comes to anti-drug and alcohol education and promoting healthy living for Australian children.  This week's newsletter showcases the new resources we have made for 3 of their books and has a blog to tell you all about their history and the book activities. 

This newsletter also contains information about our new book resource model, or in fact the old model returned, and a new inspirational poster to brighten your classroom and keep your walls looking fresh.

Life Education Activities - Life Education has released 3 new bright full colour books to support their education programs with younger children in pre-school and the early years of primary school.  They asked us to create a set of cross-curricular activities for each of these books mapped to the early learning Years Framework, ACARA and NESA syllabuses.  We made as many of these virtual sheets to complete online as we could and made 3 interactive online games, matching memory cards, a maze and a puzzle, for each book.  We made sure to include 2 physical activities per book too so you and your students can have as much fun as possible.  Make sure you click on the resource image above to grab these resources as they will only be free until the end of the year.  See our announcement later on in the newsletter to find out more about this.

Latest Blog - Just to keep things simple the blog this week is also all about Life Education.  A brief history of its start in Sydney's Kings Cross and the aims and objective Tedd Noffs hoped for this now nationally recongised teaching association. Click the image below to read all about it.

FREE Resources - October marks the end of Learn From Play's first year of providing Literacy resources to complement the numerous Maths programs on the site.  It also marks our annual visit to the accountant and she gave me a virtual wrap across the knuckles for giving everything away for free.  After much discussion we have compromised and she has agreed that I can give some resources away for free and the rest are almost free.

We have created a new book resource subscription for $12 for the year.  I know that this is less than a decent burger or pizza but if enough people see the value in our resources we can stay in business.  We still have the other options for posters, units of work, active maths lessons and film school but hopefully a small donation of $12 from our current members will cover our basic website running costs and let everyone continue to enjoy great resources, games, virtual worksheets, a weekly blog and weekly newsletter to keep you up to date.

New Poster - This week's poster goes well with the Life Education resources and is designed to inspire you and your students to become the person you were meant to be.  Click on the image to see more posters.

As always if you have any questions, feedback or content suggestions for areas of the curriculum that you would like to see gamified send me an email. In the mean time, please help us grow our Learn From Play teaching community by sharing the site with your colleagues so everyone can benefit.

Rachel McCann

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