July 12, 2021

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NAIDOC Week 2021, New Book Activities & More

Welcome Back for Term 3 whether that is at school face to face or in a remote learning environment across Greater Sydney. In this newsletter:

  • We have a blog article with ideas for celebrating NAIDOC Week every week;
  • We have 2 new sets of book resources for There's No Such Thing and Shapes and Colours;
  • We have a new poster to brighten your classroom; and
  • The wait is over - our fundraiser pack will be launching this week!

This article teaches children to play Yulunga or Traditional Indigenous Games from a range of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. The 3 games that are outlined are all inclusive, can be played by students of all ability levels and backgrounds and build resilience, strength and cooperation.

They also develop Fundamental Movement Skills which are the building blocks of all sports, encourage team spirit and can be used to develop an understanding of how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people use games to teach important skills such as hand eye coordination, speed and strength

Featured Book Resources
There's No Such Thing

Shortlisted to be the CBCA 2021 Early Childhood Book of the Year this is a fun story about Ted and Bear's camping trip.

Perfect for young children in Kindergarten or Year 1 we have made 6 activities for this book including understanding onomatopoeias or sound words, reading a person’s emotion on their face, fine motor skills of tracing, a colour by number, a memory card game and a fine art and craft activity to make a pom pom spider.

There is a video showing each of these activities and some extra craft activities you can do after reading this beautiful book.

Shapes and Colours

A CBCA Notable Early Childhood Book of the Year for 2021 John Canty has created a simple book to teach colours and shapes to young children in Pre-School or Kindergarten.

Aimed at early learners we have created 6 fun activities including exploring shapes, a fun colour by number, matching foods to their colours, silhouette printing, fine motor skill practice for later handwriting and finding the odd one out.

There is a video walkthrough of the activities and some other ideas including a craft activity to make a paper version of Magoo.

Motivate Your Class with a New Learn From Play Poster

he poster this fortnight is a quote from mid 19th Century American Football Coach Vince Lombardi.  Famous for quotes such as "The Only Place Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary" he expected his players to be dedication and willing to work hard if they wanted to be in his team.

Another Sneak Peak at our Fundraiser Pack

With almost 350 people registered to receive a sample of our 5 Part Fundraiser Pack we thought we would offer you a final chance to join the list.  Each pack will contain 2 cards, 2 amazing gifts including the materials and detailed instructions to make the pendant key ring show above and a home made gift box.  Launching this week, $5 from every $20 pack sold will be given back to the school as a fundraiser. Please let me know if you would like to register your school.

As always if you have any questions, feedback or content suggestions for areas of the curriculum that you would like to see gamified send me an email. In the mean time, please help us grow our Learn From Play teaching community by sharing the site with your colleagues so everyone can benefit.

Rachel McCann

We love to hear from parents, teachers, librarians, authors, fellow content creators, designers and anyone else who has something positive or constructive to tell us about our site and our resources; Contact us.

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