On The Farm

Learn From Play In A Box

What's In The Box

In each themed Learn From Play Box you will find art and craft activities, fun printed worksheets and fine motor skills practice in the form of letter writing.  

Art and Craft Activities

1. Pink Pig Face Mask

2. Chicken Bookmark

3. Cow Finger Puppet

4. Black and White Doily Sheep

5. Memory Card Game

6. Paddleball Game

Worksheets Will Teach These Skills

1 Counting and Number Recognition

2. Categorisation and Relationship Skills 

3 Counting and Number Representation

4 Ordering and Patterning Skills

5 Fine Motor and Problem Solving Skills

6 Fine Motor and Categorisation Skills

Lower Case Letters and Handwriting Sheets

The letters provided is the box are for the handwriting activities and, as they are magnetic,  can also be placed on your fridge to practice letter sounds.

Each letter's sound can be found at the base of that letter's handwriting sheet.

$52 per box Introductory Price of $38 + $10.25 shipping.  
Up to 3 boxes can be shipped at once for just $10.25.