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Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Grade 3

A timely environmental parable of one young girl who is too little to be taken seriously but is big enough to change the world. Activities include making an origami pot plant so you can start to fix the environment by planting a tree, a fun inventors find-a-word, looking at why trees are important, a comprehension on the story and pollution and how we can fix it.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Kindergarten / Pre-School

We are all creative in different ways. Some people can sing, some people can paint and then there are some people who can garden. A beautiful story about finding your inner artist and the medium that lets you express this. The printable activities for this book include learning colours, flowers, patterns, handwriting, a fun simple maze, a flow chart of how plants grow and how to make an origami pot so children can start to plant their own garden.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Grade 3

The story of a young girl who feels different from her new classmates but eventually they become her friends. A great book for the first day of school with activities that include a find-a-word, drawing pictures of a perfect holiday and a perfect summer, an activity to build camaraderie between classmates by finding things they have in common, a world mapping activity and a a graphing activity to find out other people’s favourite things.