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Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Grade 3

The ultimate space unit with fun activities, games, find-a-words, mazes, colour-by-numbers and loads of information presented in a way children can understand. Each set is also differentiated to make sure as many students are covered as possible from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Grade 5 ,Grade 6 ,Grade 7

Gaming questions that don’t need a device. These math questions are based on real world examples from the game Fortnite so boys and girls can enjoy math. With time, money, point and percentage questions these activities will help children visualise the problems they are being asked to solve so they can focus on the equations and understand them.

This term long cross-curricular Electricity unit includes the history of electricity, how to create and harness it, uses for electricity and methods for conserving and managing electricity effectively. There are projects and lesson plans for activities including making circuits, comprehensions, giving presentations, art and craft activities, crosswords and find­-a-words. Students will have opportunities to revise that which they have learnt and to demonstrate an understanding of the work they have covered.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Grade 3

This unit teaches students about the history of the Anzacs in a cross curricular fashion with Math, English, Games, Science and Art and Craft activities.