Choose from the 2 teaching units below – ANZAC Day or Electricity. More units are on their way soon.

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History 1
History 2
Time Line 1 - Worksheet
Time Line 2 - Worksheet
Time Line 3 - Worksheet
Time Line Answers
Perpsex & Fur Experiment 1
Perpsex & Fur Experiment 2
Currents & Compass Experiment 1
Currents & Compass Experiment 2
Night Flights With Kites 1
Night Flights With Kites 2
Benjamin Franklin Find-A-Word
Famous Electricians Cross-Word
Find-A-Word & Cross-Word Answers
Production 1
Hyrdo-Electricity Project
Solar Power Project
Wind Energy Project 1
Wind Energy Project 2
Watermills Comprehension
Alternate Power Cross-Word
Power To The People Find-A-Word
Watermills, Alternate Power & Power To The People Answers
Use Of Electricity
Safety & Electricity
Energy Use Over Time 1
Energy Use Over Time 1
Industry & Power
Metering The Meters
Blackout Story & Collage
An Electrical Time Find-A-Word
An Electrical Time Answers
Energy Conservation
Energy Ratings
Lighting The Way
Conserving Power Find-A-Word
Conserving Power Answers
Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Grade 3

This unit teaches students about the history of the Anzacs in a cross curricular fashion with Math, English, Games, Science and Art and Craft activities.

Download The PDF Below!

Anzac Day - Overview
Anzac Day - History
Anzac Day - Recipe Cloze
Anzac Day - Cookie Procedure
Anzac Day - Poem
Anzac Day - Narrative Writing
Anzac Day - Estimating & Measuring
Anzac Day - Money Math
Anzac Day - States of Matter
Anzac Day - Science Fun
Anzac Day - Oats
Anzac Day - Song
Anzac Day - Bag & Tag 1
Anzac Day - Bag & Tag 2
Anzac Day - Easy Sudoku
Anzac Day - Hard Sudoku
Anzac Day - Find-A-Word
Anzac Day - Sudoku Answers