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Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Kindergarten / Pre-School

Three is a CBCA Notable Book for Picture Book of the Year for 2020. People have 2 of them, a spider has 8 of them and a chair has 4 of them but Three is a dog who only has 3 of them. This is the beautiful story of how Three finds his perfect 2 and the young 2 who likes pancakes and ice cream finds her perfect dog. Activities for this story include a maze, handwriting for young children, number matching, word shape matching, simple graphing and identifying favourite things.

Grade 5 ,Grade 6 ,Grade 7

Gaming questions that don’t need a device. These math questions are based on real world examples from the game Fortnite so boys and girls can enjoy math. With time, money, point and percentage questions these activities will help children visualise the problems they are being asked to solve so they can focus on the equations and understand them.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Kindergarten / Pre-School

This 2020 CBCA Noteable book is about opposites and is a unique approach to storytelling that will captivate readers both young and old. Teaching printable worksheets for this book include matching and drawing opposites, rhyming words optical illusions and tessellating patterns.

Grade 3 ,Grade 4 ,Grade 5

This 2019 Caldecott Winning and 2020 CBCA Noteable book is beautifully illustrated and follows the life of a Light House Keeper through his loneliness, joy, love and eventual forced retirement. Printable activities include a spot the difference, comprehension, time sheet, research and drawing activity.

Grade 4 ,Grade 5 ,Grade 6

This is the true story of one amazing man who worked to pay for his freedom. That of his wife, son, mother, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles and how this changed the course of history for a lot of people. 2018 winner of the New Voices Award activities for this book include calculating the cost of William “Bill” Lewis’s freedom and that of his family, a comprehension on what slavery was and what it is today and a research activity on segregation and various freedom fighters.

Grade 1 ,Grade 2 ,Grade 3

A light hearted story about 2 hens who know their place in the world – on stage as divas. Chicken Divas has been chosen as the ALIA National Simultaneous Storytime for 2020 so we created 11 activities including a rhyming words activity sheet, sudokus, a find-a-word, a maze, a code breaker, craft activity and more.