September 25, 2020

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A Friend for Henry by Jenn Bailey

This Schneider Award winning book is a very simple story of children at pre-school finding someone and something that they like.   It looks at one child's struggle to make friends in pre-school and how Henry's being on the autism spectrum means his best efforts are often misunderstood by his small classmates.  Activities include a colour by number, learning colours, basic shapes, hand washing and ordering activities and friendship.


The games below are advertisement free and will open in a new window. They can be played by children online as many times as they like. The Match Up Memory Card Game will allow children to improve their memory while the Maze Game lets them develop strategy and problem solving skills while having fun. These games will also build children's attention, concentration and focus, visual recognition and short-term memory. Enjoy.

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Rainbow Colours

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Coloured Blocks

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Colour by Number

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Coloured Carpets

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Colour By Number

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