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Math Activities for Young Gamers

Engaging young boys in math is not always easy but today, the team and I have created a new resource which I think your Y5 - 7 boys will enjoy.


When I was in Year 6 or 7, I remember receiving a math textbook which we proceeded to work through for the rest of the year. Initially, there were some math questions around apples and other fruit which I really enjoyed because they let me visualise the problems. Take 5 apples, add five oranges. What percentage of apples to oranges do you have but after a few pages, the real world examples dried up and I still remember how much more difficult I found it to focus on the equations and understand them.


My brain works best when it understands the why behind the question and I also like to be able to visualise things. I think a lot of boys are like this but the problem is, not all math equations lend themselves to visualisation. Enter the world of Fortnight.


Now you may like Fortnite or you might hate these kinds of games but a huge percentage of young boys seem to love the game. In Fortnite size does not matter the same way it does in the playground or on the football field. Every player is the same size and the advantage goes to the one who has nimble fingers, a good strategy and sure - a little bit of luck.


So the point is, boys love Fortnite and educators and parents can use this to their advantage. It's a bit like when you cut veggies up into tiny pieces and hide them in a bolognese sauce. You want children to take a break from their device. You want them to do math. So, we wrap the math up in gaming talk and the problems become much more engaging.


I hope you and your learners like the FREE sheets below. If they do, let us know here and we will create some more. 

Math Activities for Young Gamers

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