June 12, 2020

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Yahoo Creek – An Australian Mystery by Tohby Riddle

This CBCA 2020 Eve Pownall Award Short Listed Book is a collection of newspaper extracts and illustrations to bring to life what may well be an Australian Yowie. Activities include drawing your own interpretation of the character portrayed in the story, mapping sightings on a map of NSW, researching Yahoos and Yowies further, persuasive writing as to why Yahoos do or do not exist, craft to create a paper Yahoo and ordering the levels of extinction and deciding which the Yahoo is at.

Yahoo Creek Book Cover


The games below are advertisement free and will open in a new window. They can be played by children online as many times as they like. The Match Up Memory Card Game will allow children to improve their memory while the Maze Game lets them develop strategy and problem solving skills while having fun. These games will also build children's attention, concentration and focus, visual recognition and short-term memory. Enjoy.

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The Existence of the Yahoo

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Your Interpretation of the Yahoo

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Sighting Reports

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Yahoo Extinction Level

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