Young Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe

SHORTLISTED - 2020 CBCA Book of the Year Awards: Eve Pownall Award

SHORTLISTED – 2020 Patricia Wrightson Prize for Children's Literature in the NSW Premier's Literary Awards

SHORTLISTED – 2020 Indie Book Awards: Children's

LONGLISTED – 2020 ABIA Book of the Year for Younger Children (ages 7 - 12)

This story is an adaptation of the book Dark Emu written for older readers. It paints a very different version of history to the one we have been fed for 200 years and portrays the Aboriginal people as farmers, aquaculturalists and community minded rather than nomadic hunter and gatherers. Activities for this book include persuasive writing on occupation versus cohabitation and an art activity to build a traditional Aboriginal home.

Young Dark Emu Book Cover


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