April 26, 2021

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Start getting excited about Book Week and NSS

Welcome back to another term I hope you had a relaxing break. In this newsletter:

  • We have a blog article to get your students excited early for Book Week;
  • We have 2 new sets of book resources (both CBCA notable Picture Books) - Fire Wombat and Sing Me The Summer;
  • We have a new poster to brighten your classroom; and
  • Make sure you get your children colouring in to enter the NSS Colouring-In Competition. We have some amazing prizes to win and Philip Bunting is a guest judge so get colouring today.
Blog - CBCA Notables, Library Scavenger Hunt

When students think of Book Week they generally think of dressing up as story characters and parading around the school.  While Book Week this year is not until Term 3 (from August 21) we thought we would start the excitement early with a game to celebrate the recent announcement of the CBCA 2021 short list.

Featured Book Resources
Sing Me A Summer

A 2021 CBCA Notable Book for Picture Book of the Year - Sing Me The Summer is a celebration of family life in the natural world.

We have made 6 pre-school or kindergarten

activities for this book including a set of rhyming words to match, learning the seasons, identifying favourite summer and winter activities, sorting items for night and day, handwriting practice and finding the odd one out.

There is a video showing each of these activities and some extra ideas you can do after reading this beautiful book.

The Fire Wombat

A CBCA 2021 Notable Book for Picture Book of the Year - The Fire Wombat is based on Jackie French's experiences in the 2020 Australian bushfires.

There are 6 activities for children in Years 1 or 2 including a charcoal drawing activity, matching and creating rhyming words, a senses poem, a find-a-word, a simple comprehension and a graphing activity to show how much of Australia was devastated.

There is a video walkthrough of these activities and some other ideas for how you can engage and support your local wildlife.

Motivate Your Class with a New Learn From Play Poster

The poster this fortnight is a quote from ice hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Getzky and reminds students that they need to have a go if they want to succeed. 

$1500 Worth Of Prizes To Win In Our Colouring-in Competition

Make sure you get your entries in for our Colouring-In Competition because the longer they are up the more votes you will get and the more likely you are to win our People's Choice Award. 

As always if you have any questions, feedback or content suggestions for areas of the curriculum that you would like to see gamified send me an email. In the mean time, please help us grow our Learn From Play teaching community by sharing the site with your colleagues so everyone can benefit.

Rachel McCann

We love to hear from parents, teachers, librarians, authors, fellow content creators, designers and anyone else who has something positive or constructive to tell us about our site and our resources; Contact us.

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