June 12, 2020

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All Our Book Resources Are Now Free!

Grab a deck of cards and your students and get ready for some fantastic fun this week as we gamify mathematics - UsingCard Games To Teach Mathematics (5 Minute Read)
We also have new book activities your students will love - Yahoo Creek and Liarbird, a sneak peak at our new Maze game, a quick update on my Frugal Fred book and more.

This week's Free activities are for the CBCA 2020 Notable Picture Book of the Year Liarbird and the CBCA 2020 Eve Pownall Award Short Listed Book Yahoo Creek. Click on either image below to see the activities for these 2 books.

We have made the prototype for our new Maze game but we still need 40 more members to release this game for all our books. Please share the site so we can get to our 2000
member target as soon as possible. We may well jump straight to 3000 members though as we are an exhibitor at this year's Virtual ALA Conference from June 24th to 26th as you can see below.

Finally, if you ever wondered what 500 hard copy books look then wonder no more. My printer sent me this to let me know that my books are done and should be shipped this
week. That means I should have these to distribute to everyone who has pre-ordered a copy in just 4 short weeks. If you have not ordered your copy yet please do so by clicking either image below.

Until next week please stay safe and let me know if there are resource you would like included on the site so I can make the resources you need not what I think you need.

Rachel McCann

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