January 31, 2022

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Welcome Back To School

Welcome back to school for 2022! This year we are super excited to bring you lots of new book resources, loads of ideas and activities for National Simultaneous Storytime in May and Book Week printables, art and craft and costume ideas.

In this first monthly newsletter you will find:

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Are These Hen's Eggs

Hen is counting the days until her eggs hatch but one night a wild storm scatters them far and wide. It then becomes a sweet story of friendship and co-operation, unconditional love and a surprising egg hunt.

We have made 6 activities for pre-school and Year 1 including handwriting practice, counting up to 5 and understanding that some animals hatch from eggs while others do not.

Aster's Good Right Things

Winner of the CBCA 2021 Book of the Year for Younger Readers this is about mental health and the good, right things Aster does every day to allow her to keep her anxiety at bay.

We have created 5 activities for this book for students from Years 5 to 8. They include how to draw a bunny rabbit, exploring the good, right deeds Aster does, a comprehension about depression and a fun flower find-a-word.

Are These Hen's Eggs

This is a fun rhyming tale about not always getting what you want - especially if you are a cat who wants a hat currently worn by a rat.

We have created 4 activities for this book for children in Foundation or early Year 1 including an activity using final blends, practicing positional language and a drawing activity.

Nelson's Dangerous Dive

This is a true story about ocean pollution and a whale that got stuck in an abandoned fishing net.

We have made 6 activities for this book aimed at lower primary aged children from Years 1 to 4. These include a spot the odd one out activity, sorting fact from fiction, a cut and paste activity to label a whale and steps to make an origami whale.

New Inspirational Poster and Virtual Background

This quote is adapted from an ancient Chinese proverb that even a journey of 1000 miles must begin with a first step. For young children the road ahead can seem long but with each passing day they are further ahead than they were the day before.

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Rachel McCann (founder)
B. Teach; B. Ed (Hons); M. Ed (Special Ed.)

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