May 31, 2020

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You Can Now Access More Than 50 New Interactive Games On Learn From Play For Free!

Yet again it has been a huge week at Learn From Play! We had over 1000 new members join us this week and that was largely due to National Simultaneous
Storytime on Wednesday. If you are one of those new members and this is your first newsletter then "Welcome!" For those of you used to hearing from me "Hello Again
and it is lovely to spend a couple of minutes with you".

So what is new? We managed to get a couple of card games up last week which I shared in the newsletter but these have now been extended to cover all 60+ books on
the site. Thanks to my amazing team who have worked so hard on this. I think we have created more than 800 cards this week and I will be pleased to move onto our
next set of games.

So on that note I would like to get you to cast your vote. I have decided that each time we have another 1000 teachers join the site I will release a new set of interactive games but I need to know what you want. Please let me know by taking 20 seconds to cast your vote here - https://learnfromplay.com/games-and-resources-survey/.

As always we have released new resources on the site including the poster above and another couple of sets of CBCA notable book activities. Click on either image below to
view the resources or use the survey form to let me know which books you would like to see added to the site.

I think that is enough from me for this week. Next week I should have a few images from the printer of my Frugal Fred book to share with you and yes I do have a few copies left if people are interested but I will add more about it next week.

Stay safe and if you know of anyone who will value our free resources please refer them to the site and share the love around. It also means that for every person who
becomes a member we are one person closer to adding new games to the site for everyone.

Rachel McCann

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